What are MyButtonBuddies?

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MyButtonBuddies are cloth pads designed to be worn around the G-tube (Gastrostomy - feeding into the stomach), J-tube (Jejunostomy - feeding into the small intestines), GJ-tube, and PEGs. These enteral feeding tubes are also called "buttons". These colorful pads are used in place of medical gauze that is typically used around the "button". Each cloth pad is about 2 - 2.5 inches across (diameter).

MyButtonBuddies is a product of Szilagyi Associates, LLC.

(Note: Previous MyButtonBuddies shown here may no longer be available.)


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Easy to use.

Highly absorbant.

Washable and Reuseable.

Fun for Kids

MyButtonBuddies also add a little FUN into the lives of children who need G-tubes or gastrostomy tubes. The colorful child-friendly designs excite their imagination. Some of the designs have characters that seem to also have a G-Tube "button" coming from their bellies, like the friendly frog or silly whale. Or, maybe their "button" is a fire hose nozzle on a fire truck. Younger children can be distracted with the pad while you clean the stoma, making life less stressful for you.

Children love to choose which different creative ButtonBuddy design they will wear that day. Encouraging early decision-making in young children is good for their healthy development.

Because MyButtonBuddy pads are so cute and colorful, they make the G-tube "button" look less scary than white medical gauze to the G-tube child, his/her playmates and anyone the child interacts with. ButtonBuddies look less like a bandage or a "boo-boo". With MyButtonBuddies, children with G-tubes can have something special for themselves in a happy and positive way.

Practical for Adults as well.

Flesh-colored (ivory, tan, brown) cloth pads are available for adults with a G tube "button" that are practical and neater looking than medical gauze.

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How MyButtonBuddies are made ?

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